Welcome to the home of the "Axis & Allies Miniatures Unit Review and Guidebook".

Here you will find a detailed description of a guidebook that you can have at your side to help you plan your armies, and to modify your plan of attack. 

This 368-page guidebook has been recently revised to include Set #7, "North Africa". It contains:
  •     complete stats for all 284 unique units in sets #1-7
  •     complete text for all special abilities (as updated by official errata)
  •     critical analysis and rating of each unit
  •     accurate 1:120 scale silhouettes of historical vehicles
  •     relevant attack odds at the bottom of every unit's page
  •     complete combat results tables, including the "Ammo Dump"
  •     tables for all units sorted by
                -  country and year
                -  attack strength

I'm a big fan of Axis & Allies Miniatures, and you probably are, too, if you found your way to this website. I often fumble through my huge stack of unit cards (currently at 522 Allies, 485 Axis, and 41 Obstacle and Support Unit cards) trying to found out what a particular stat is, or a particular special ability.  There are several great websites that already contain all of this info (see " links "), but I don't want to play a boardgame with a laptop next to me!  Hopefully you will find this "hardcopy" guidebook as useful of a reference as I do.

For praise, complaints, errors, or suggestions for the next edition,
send me an e-mail.